Best French worker


In 1998, seventy-eight cabinet makers took part in the public competition Twelve reached the final in Strasbourg and two earned, in 2000, the title of "One of the Best Workers in France." I received my diploma during a graduation ceremony held at the Sorbonne, followed by a reception at the Elysée in the presence of the President of the Republic.

The proposed theme was a piece of furniture for collectors. 1300 hours were required in total to complete the project. Half was dedicated to the production of models, manufacture of mechanisms, ergonomics studies, aesthetic research...

The piece of furniture here presented, a secretary desk designed for the collection of minerals, roughly includes 3000 wood parts and other materials. Elm and oak burr, lemon tree, walnut tree and rosewood set the exterior decor, the interior is mainly made of sycamore, walnut tree and ebony. The doors and the flaps of the secretary desk are closed with a secret mechanism. All mechanisms completely disappear under the wood.

The competition "One of the Best Workers in France" was created in 1924. It is placed under the responsibility of four Ministries: National Education, Industry, Handicrafts and Labour.
The competition is held every three to four years. The masterpieces are presented to the public at the end of the competition in the framework of the Exposition Nationale du Travail.
To be One of the Best Workers in France is to demonstrate the undisputed truth of great professional competences, to benefit from peer's recognition, to promote innovation and cultivate the traditions of each profession. This title rewards supreme excellence in manual works.